May 9, 2007

I still don’t know what he’s thinking

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

For some reason, Drew Gooden is still rocking that ridiculous soul patch on the back of his head that really just makes him look like an idiot. But it doesn’t really matter how you look when your team keeps on winning in the playoffs. Last night the Cavaliers handled the Nets to take a 2- series lead and look destined to match up with the Pistons for the right to lose against the West’s best in the East finals.

Last night Steve Nash didn’t get bloodied up and Shawn Marion’s Suns were able to score against the severely defensive Spurs. The real news about this game was hearing Nash’s rant going into it about not having heart and the team not trying their hardest. While many pundits suggest that this was directed at Shawn Marion mostly, maybe he should’ve led by example and actually started playing defense, like many of teammates do.

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