May 10, 2007

Jazz able to run with the Warriors

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Is it just me or is the Utah Jazz probably the most adaptable team in the West. They get into the playoffs without a real identity and are loaded with good rotation of all-around skilled players. Last night in Utah, they were able to run with the fast-paced Golden State Warriors and delivered some clutch shooting to get the game into overtime where the twisted the dagger.

The Jazz also had an emotional moment and a performance with a big heart from Derek Fisher, who only arrived during the third quarter and played a big role in the win. The reason Fisher arrived so late was because he was spending time with his infant daughter after his family learned she had a tumour in between her eye and her brain. It would be a tough situation for anyone, especially when you’ve got a playoff series on your mind as well. Best wishes to the Fisher family are certainly in order.

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