May 17, 2007

Last night in NBA land

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The Suns couldn’t hold onto a lead they had almost the entire game. While they led for 43 of the 48 minutes roughly, the Spurs pulled out the victory in the clutch by playing a good 4th quarter. It was pretty much exactly what happened in game 5 with the teams on the reverse ends.

Playing without Amare and Diaw obviously hurt the Suns but the long term effects might actually hurt them as well. With two key cogs in their offensive machine out, Marion, Nash and company had to step up their minutes and it may have worn them down too much to compete as hard they’ll need to in San Antonio on Friday to take home a win and set up a huge game 7.
The New Jersey Nets were able to bring their series with the Cavs back to the swamp with a win last night despite only scoring 6 points in the fourth quarter. The sad late scoring wasn’t only on the Nets side as Cleveland only managed 13 in a quarter where the first basket only came nearly half-way into the quarter.

This series is starting to get a bit more interesting but I still don’t think the three-headed swamp monster Jersey rolls out can take out the newer, intense LeBron.

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