May 17, 2007

MLS Stunner

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

This will most likely go down as the second biggest story of the year in Major League Soccer and hardly anybody will know about it. Last night, the Toronto F.C., an expansion team who didn’t score a goal in their first four games, overcame the defending champion Houston Dynamo 1-0 in front of nearly 20.000 rain-soaked fans. While it may be one of the lower leagues in the soccer world and doesn’t have the visibility of the higher end North American leagues, it should be noted any time that an expansion team beats a defending champ, it’s going to be a news story. The Toronto Sun even went as far as running a photo on their cover from the game.

This won’t even come close to topping the Beckham saga in newsy-ness, but it goes to show that anything can happen in the world of sports.

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