May 21, 2007

Goodbye Nash, Hello Finals!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

With a win on Friday night the San Antonio Spurs bounced Shawn Marion’s Suns to insure a date with the Utah Jazz in the West finals. This move only decreases my interest in the playoffs because while i do have a certain dislike of Steve Nash, it would’ve been more interesting to watch the high scoring Suns move along rather than the defensive-minded Spurs. I’m also sure that even with a good match like the one we’ve been presented, people won’t tune into watch as much as they would’ve for Phoenix.

Questions should start popping up about why the Suns can’t win in the playoffs as well, seeing how they’ve failed to make the conference finals during Nash’s tenure. While it was fairly certain that the officials were against them during this series, it doesn’t excuse their previous short-comings. This should give some of the critics of the Dirk-over-Nash camp some ammo regarding playoff falters.

In the East, Detroit will have their hands full trying to contain LeBron James who is playing with more fire than I’ve seen before. Their tough defense might have a chance but it may prove more efficient to simply take away everyone else off this Cavs team that isn’t incredibly talented in the depth department.
Yesterday, in game 1 of the West finals, the Spurs did exactly what they’re capable of in beating the Jazz to draw first blood. This series almost seems like a foregone conclusion but the Jazz shouldn’t be counted out for a win or maybe two. I think we’re looking at a Spurs in 5 series win.

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