May 21, 2007

Interleague is wrap, for now…

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

With the marvel known as interleague play in the books after its first round of match ups and first string of “Why do we still have interleague?” articles, we’ve learned a few things.

The Mets are a lot better than the Yankees. Well, in all fairness, we already knew that but it should still be stated. The Yankees also managed to lose another pitcher to injury when Darrell Rasner injured his hand attempting to field a sharply hit ball. At least the Yanks were able to avoid the sweep by winning on Sunday night with another one of their long starters on the hill. Who said the Yankees farm system wasn’t deep?

Oakland is the better side of the bay. But we already knew that as well. They had to be better than the Giants who have turned into a side act for the Barry Bonds show nowadays. Even Barry Zito, who crossed the Bay for a $126 million deal, was shelled by his former club when he started on Saturday. Zito was hit up for 7 runs on 6 hits while walking 7 over four innings. The Giants were able to pick up a win on Sunday to avoid the sweep but it required Matt Morris to throw one hell of a gem to do so. Morris pitched a complete game while k’ing 9 and allowing 2 hits.

“The freeway series” is the worst name of the city series names. And with the Angels taking home the sweep, they can claim to be the kings of the L.A. baseball scene even if both teams are at the tops of their respective western divisions.

When your GM openly calls you embarrassing, you better come back with a win like the White Sox did on Sunday. They may still have lost the series to the Cubs in Wrigley field, but they still salvaged some pride. The thing is that their bullpen’s effort on Friday and Saturday (9 earned runs in 2 1/3 innings) was embarrassing, too bad it’s his job to get the guys to make it right.

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