May 25, 2007

Second time’s a charm

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

Remember all those stories a few months back about the Penguins being bought and subsequently moved? Well they’re going to start being rerun again with the name of Nashville Predators being substituted in for the Pittsburgh franchise’s.

Yesterday a deal was finalized to sell the club to the owner of the Blackberry mobile computer dealie, Jim Balsillie. Rumours will now start to circulate of a move to a better hockey market and even a small city like Kitchener, Balsillie’s home base, could be considered. Winnipeg and Kansas City are also both highly qualified to take on a franchise as well.

Despite putting together a strong team that lead a division that also contained Western Conference finalist Detroit, the Predators lost $15 million over the season and this is a prime reason why the team was sold and may be relocated.

I’m still rooting for a team from any sport in Vegas, but that’s just me.

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