May 25, 2007

What’s the opposite of clutch?

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Whatever it is, that’s what the Cavaliers have been in the first two games of the Eastern conference finals. After Donyell Marshall, usually a dead eye from long range, missed a wide-open three pointer for the win in game one with time dying, Cleveland blew another chance to take a game in Detroit.

With the clock ticking down LeBron drove to the hoop, put up a layup and missed while it looked like he may have been fouled (At least Tim Duncan or Dwayne Wade would’ve gotten the call). The ball careened out of any Piston’s reach and seemingly landed in Larry Hughes’ lap. Reacting quickly, he pulled up and attempted a wide open jump shot from about 10 feet away. It’s at this point of the post you realize that Larry Hughes missed an open shot that could’ve won his team the game because if he had hit it, this post would be on an entirely different subject.

Oh, and for good measure Anderson Varejao missed an attempt to tip the Hughes shot’s rebound in.

I’m not finished yet: the Cavaliers coach, , then got a technical foul for walking onto the court to yell at the officials for the non-call on Lebron. Including the intentional foul, the Pistons got three free throws, one missed, to end the game 79-76.
The Cavs seriously have to pull it together and get back in this series at home. But more importantly, try running some “time-dying” drills. The last two performances were A-Rod-esque.

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