May 29, 2007

Not so Jazzy

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Deron Williams shook off the effects of the flu to start against the Spurs last night but it didn’t help too much as the Jazz were unable to overcome the Spurs. The Utah loss sets up a do-or-die game in San Antonio on Wednesday with the series now at 3-1.

On a side note, I have seen someone get knocked over in mid-air to draw a foul the amount of times Manu Ginobili did last night. It seemed whenever I looked towards the television it was happening.

The fact a veritable ton of fouls was called during the game should be noted as well. The end result of several techincal fouls was both Utah’s coach Jerry Sloan and guard Derek Fisher getting tossed on techincals during the final stretch of the game.

It also goes to show how little attention I’m paying the conference finals when I failed to mention LeBron’s huge posterization dunk on Rasheed Wallace from Sunday night. To make amends, the YouTube video. Enjoy.

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