May 31, 2007

Mamba on the move?

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

It looks like Kobe Bryant either wants out of L.A. or he doesn’t. Who knows? He’s flipped and flopped his stance a few times this week, but the real important question is: Where would he go and also were would be the best place for him to go?

Phoenix has enough assets to trade and this move might be the one to push Phoenix into title contention instead of perennial second-round loser. The thing is, Kobe’s my boy and I’m always hating on Nash, would I even be able to cheer for the Sun?

Dallas would also be able to facilitate a trade for Kobe and would be a real asset there considering how clutch Dirk proved he was during this year’s playoffs against Golden State.

But, then again, would the Lakers really want to give Kobe to another Western conference rival? I certainly wouldn’t want that if I was in L.A.’s front office. So, wouldn’t some bits and pieces from the Knicks do? Probably not. I wouldn’t pull the trigger for an Isiah pu pu platter.

So how about the Bulls? They would be able to part with some talent and Kobe would still be in a big market. This all depends on what the Lakers want and who the Bulls are willing to give up though.

How ever this plays out, it will be a huge news story in the upcoming weeks; especially with the drat looming.

Also in the NBA, the Jazz were bounced by San Antonio, but we already knew that was going to happen. I just want to see if LeBron can keep his act up from the past two games, especially in Detroit.

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