June 5, 2007

Sens in Ducking trouble

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

With last night’s loss at home the Ottawa Senators are a game away from giving the Anaheim Ducks their first Stanley Cup. With the 3-2 win, the Ducks have the Sens on the mat and with the series heading back to Anaheim for game 5 tomorrow night, it doesn’t bode well for Ottawa fans.

I might’ve said it before on this page, but it should be reiterated anyway, I don’t care who wins any more. I now just want hockey season to end. There’s no way a sport played on ice should have its championship going on in early June. It’s ridiculous. Just the fact that the temperatures in Ottawa were in the mid-20’s C before game 4 only helps state my case.

Here’s hoping that Anaheim locks up the Cup and becomes the first team since Victoria, when they had a team long ago, to win the championship being based from the Pacific coast. Yes, I actually did some research for that one.

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