June 12, 2007

The boringest day of the sports year?

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It may just be… With the NFL in its off-season, the NBA finals on an off day and only five games on the MLB schedule, it seemed like nothing was happening yesterday in the world of sports. Even sports that are on the outside of the big-3 like Hockey, Auto racing, Tennis, Golf and even Lacrosse didn’t have an event taking place or, in the slightest, note-worthy news.

So, being the spotlight stealer that he is, Barry Bonds put the kibosh on his home run slump and pounded out number 747 of his career. Bonds had gone 33 at bats without a home run before blasting a Josh Towers offering over the centre-field wall. It was only his second homer since May 8.

While I did learn some interesting information while skimming through the Associated Press story, none stood out more than Barry’s son’s name. Apparently, his son serves as a batboy for the Giants sort of like how Dusty Baker’s kid did before he was nearly injured in a collision at home plate. But, to the point, his son’s name is Nikolai. I had no idea. I thought only soviet bloc hockey players or communists had a name like that. Well, it looks like Barry wanted another reason for people to dislike him; naming his offspring with commie-intonations.

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