June 14, 2007

She had good fundamentals

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

An interesting tidbit that I feel fell through the cracks of the sporting world’s sewer into obscurity occurred three days ago. Chamique Holdsclaw retired only a few games into the WNBA season. Do you care? Of course not. But this woman was supposed to be the female Michael Jordan or, at least, one of brightest stars in the league. You should be thinking that maybe you’ve heard the name now, but still probably not. Holdsclaw played for the L.A. Sparks and was a six-time all-star and averaged nearly 18 points and 8 rebounds per game over her career. This year, her numbers were slightly down, but still impressive.

What really irks me about this story is that even the players aren’t taking this league seriously any more. How could anyone truly become a fan of a league that has its players –much less best players- quitting mid-season.

The NBA has forced its sister league unto us for far too long now; in fact, it was a bad idea from the very start. Sure, they have good fundamentals, but so does Tim Duncan. Who would you rather watch? A bunch of women running around bricking shots or a man that’s on his way to his fourth world title? The answer should Duncan every time because, quite frankly, he may eve n be more attractive than some of the WNBA players.

Give it up girls, your league’s a joke.

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