June 15, 2007

The end of two seasons… kind of

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey

With the NBA finals coming to a merciful end and the NHL awards show uneventfully concluding, two seasons have effectively come to an end. Well, unless, of course, you want to include the NBA draft into this season but then we’d just be arguing over semantics. So with those two (I won’t say major because hockey is sliding that much) league’s play, it’s time to get used to baseball posts. So, I submit to you, the reader:

Which did you really find most surprising, or interesting from last night’s events? Well, Sidney Crosby cleaned up at the NHL awards, but, come on now, that was completely predictable. How about the Spurs winning the NBA championship against a beleaguered-looking Cavaliers team? Well, I did think LeBron could’ve stolen at least one game at home; but he’ll be back, don’t you worry.

So, the reason I had to stay late at work, the lowly Kansas City Royals managed to put 17 runs up on the board against St. Louis in their cross-state rivalry. If you saw that coming, you must be clairvoyant. It was almost as if they wanted to get all of their scoring out of the way for one season last night. And if you can tell me the last Canadian, or even player, to come up with two triples in one game, you deserve some sort of prize Disclaimer: I don’t give out prizes.

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