June 19, 2007

NFL 2K8? Not really, but close

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Video Games

It looks like that pesky thing called an NFL licensing agreement isn’t going to stop the 2K sports franchise from putting out a football game this year. Despite the fact that Electronic Arts hold and exlcusive deal with the NFL for their Madden series, 2K is taking their product in a different direction by using NFL legends on fake teams for their games. So, if you ever wanted to have John Elway and Jerry Rice on the same team, this may be the game for you.

The truly interesting part of this game is the stadium designs which look incredible. Playing inside a dome that looks like a beehive or having a huge Phoenix-like creature over head may be distracting for fans in real life but, in this virtual world, themes like those turn out stunningly.

It’s still not going to be the NFL football that Madden 08 will give you, but at least there’s an alternative now for football gamers. And if you think some gamer with far too much free time on his hands won’t create a roster update to feature today’s players, you’re a bit slow

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