June 26, 2007

A sad day in the WWE

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

Yesterday the bodies the of former WWE Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, his wife and his son were found in the family’s home just outside of Atlanta. Benoit, 40, had missed Sunday night’s Vengeance pay-per-view event stating “personal reasons.” It was also reported that he said his wife and son were coughing up blood at the time. He was slated to compete for the ECW Championship but was replaced by Johnny Nitro, who ended up winning the title from C.M. Punk.

The death of the “The Canadian Crippler” or “Rabid Wolverine” caused the cancellation of last night’s Monday Night Raw program and even caused Vince McMahon, who was selling an angle in which he had been incinerated during a limo fire -and shamelessly played off like his real death- to show his face and announce that his “death” was a sham while offering his and the entire company’s condolences to start the three-hour memorial show.

Currently, the police are investigating the deaths as a homicide; suggestions have even been made that Benoit had even killed his family and then taken his own life. Results of the autopsies should be announced later today.
It’s greatly saddening, especially as someone who grew up on wrestling and still catches the occasional show when I can, to see this passing; especially with the allegations as they currently are. While he wasn’t always a favourite of mine, he was immensely talented in the ring. He will surely be missed.

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