June 26, 2007

Another sad note

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It should have been stated when the news broke on Sunday, or even in yesterday’s post, but further sad news will grace this fine blog twice in one day. Former major league closer Rod Beck was found dead in his apartment on Saturday. Beck pitched for the Giants (1991-97), the Chicago Cubs (1998-99) and the Boston Red Sox (1999-2001) before finishing his career with the Padres (2003-04). He saved 286 games over his career.

Beck was well known for his wild style and appearance. He donned a handle-bar moustache and long hair to go with a menacing stare that rivalled the likes of Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn. He once left his team to go to rehab mid-season and, while attempting to make a comeback and working his way through the minors, became a folk legend by living in a Winnebago outside the stadium and sharing beers with fans after games.

There aren’t many characters like Beck in today’s game, which makes his passing have a greater impact on, at least my memory, a little more significant.

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