June 27, 2007

The one-eighty

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

With the news breaking that Chris Benoit’s death turned out to be a double murder-suicide, everyone’s stance on the tragic deaths of he and his family has completely reversed. While mourning and sympathy should still be given for his wife and son, none should go towards a man who killed his wife and his own flesh and blood.

The memorial and tribute that was broadcast instead of Monday Night Raw seems preposterous and nearly appalling. A tribute to a murderer? sickening…

I’m just glad to see that WWE has made the decision to strip both its website and its programming of Benoit tributes. It is a very appropriate move considering the monstrosities that were viewed on Monday night. It’s a less than shocking move really.

Now, the wait is on for the toxicology reports to come back and see if this horrific event was, as speculated, related to steroids. This can be a very damaging blow to the WWE, who has claimed it tests for the substance and also has a wellness program in place. Criticisms will be laid on heavily if word was to get out that these regulations were shames and that pro wrestlers were still on the juice. They next week will be a tense one for the higher-ups of WWE.

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