July 13, 2007

MLB Notes

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

What a glorious headline that is, don’t you think? With only a few games taking place last night, some reporters looked for actual news to write into their publications. There was even an are-you-serious-type story out of Boston that probably caught a few people off guard.

It turns out that Albert Pujols isn’t upset about being benched in the all-star game. This was the one story that was the closest to actually being news over the past few days. Now, it’s over and nobody will care a week from now. Thanks for the drama to keep us sustained Al.

Looks like Ichiro is going to keep the Asian-fueled population of the Northwest and Mariners fans. He and the Mariners are allegedly going to announce a five-year contract extension today. I could’ve seen this coming a mile away. There was no way Ichiro was going to leave Seattle and can you really picture him in a different jersey?

A-Rod’s back in the limelight, well, you do have to consider, does he ever leave it? Rodriguez hit his 31st home run of the season last night amidst talks that he and the Yankees will talk after this season about his gargantuan contract. If he demands more money, it will make him the greediest player in sports. He does deserve to be the highest paid player in the game, but $30 million a season? That’s just ridiculous.

And finally, the shocker, it looks like Big Papi has been slugging home runs for over a year on a bum knee. The slugger admitted yesterday before Boston’s game against Toronto, that he has had a torn meniscus in his left knee since roughly early June, 2006. If he can knock that many balls out of the park with an injury like that, imagine if he was healthy.

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