July 17, 2007

Official hold out day!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Interesting results from contract hold outs yesterday, which was the deadline for teams to reach long-term contracts with players that the put the franchise tag on. So, it looks like both the Chicago Bears’ Lance Briggs and the New England Patriots’ Asante Samuel will either be playing for their qualifying offers, traded, or sitting out for as long as they want. Both players have told their respective teams that they will sit out until week ten (I have no idea why that specific week, probably some bonus kicks in then) but with these player’s talents, I would lean towards the trade route; similar to Deion Branch last season.

One franchised player did manage to settle with his team before the 4 p.m. deadline. As a result, The Detroit Lions’ Cory Redding is now the highest paid DT in the league. The deal is reportedly worth $49 million over seven seasons with $16 million of that being guaranteed, including $13 million in signing and roster bonuses. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of him. That alone should tell you that the either the Lions are getting ripped off (likely) or the rest of DTs in the NFL are getting ripped (very unlikely).

(Upon further review, Redding had 48 tackles, eight sacks and seven forced fumbles last season. I still don’t believe that should make him the highest paid of his position).

With Madden less than a month away and some NFL tickets already bought and paid for, I’m really starting to kick myself into NFL gear.

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