July 24, 2007

Vick told to stay away

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, in the best move they could probably make, the NFL has told Michael Vick to stay away from Falcons training until this whole dog-fighting situation has been worked out. He will be arraigned in court on what turns out to be the first day of Falcons practice so the timing couldn’t be better (or worse depending on your stand point). So it looks like Atlanta and Falcons fans everywhere are collectively holding their breath over this Vick issue and better get used to the sight of Joey Harrington or, my boy, D.J. Shockley running the point.

A question that I haven’t heard asked yet in the sporting world is an interesting one that brings up some debate: Who is the biggest villain in sports right now?

Barry Bonds, an alleged steroid user and overall jackass who is days away from breaking one of the most hallowed records in baseball history possibly because he was on the juice.

Tim Donaghy, who gambled on NBA games that he refereed and fixed them by making one-sided calls, including some playoff games and possibly the most influential game of the year (Suns-Spurs game three).

Or Michael Vick, who has officially reached his peak of indiscretions (hopefully) with this indictment regarding his dog-fighting ring and animal mistreatment. Even just the fact that someone referred to him as a “king-pin” in the dog fighting world is fairly damning.

And that list doesn’t even include Pacman Jones. Who would’ve thought he wouldn’t make the top three?


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