July 25, 2007

They just keep rolling in

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

So you wanted ANOTHER scandal? Sure, why not? Let’s try to get some more blood out of this stone.

Did you really expect a post-Lance Armstrong Tour de France to go off without a hitch? I mean, seriously. This year the culprit is Alexandre Vinokourov, nicknamed Vino, was slowly on his way to becoming a fan favourite of this year’s tour; that is until he tested positive for a banned blood transfusion.

You read that right; a banned blood transfusion. Cyclists are now transfusing their blood to get an advantage, or more likely, filter their tainted blood out of their systems to not get caught. While they should get an “A” for effort, it’s just plain dumb. No sport has one-eightied faster – in my opinion at least – than cycling. The once glorious event – The Tour de France – is now a mockery and is highlighted by suspicions of doping rather than for the sporting itself. The sport has been rocked harder than baseball has by doping; remember, baseball always maintained at least some of its popularity and is continually recovering. Cycling is skidding deeper and deeper into the pits.

It’s even more of a shame that something like this had to break on Barry Bonds’ birthday. Happy Birthday anyways Barry, make me proud.

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