July 30, 2007

The biggest bowl I can think of

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Arguements could be made for the NFL’s Super Bowl or the NCAA’s Rose Bowl or national championship game – even the bowl of cereal that you ate for breakfast has a chance – but is there a more important bowl than the Arenabowl? Well, not in July at least.

Yesterday afternoon the San Jose SaberCats took it to the Columbus Destroyers and captured their third title in six years. QB Mark Grieb won the MVP by completing an outstanding 24-of-29 passes including four touchdowns.

Now, it might just be me, but can anybody out there name more than two of the teams in the Arena Football League? How about a past champion? Or even a player who is currently in the Arena League (Besides Mark Grieb)? A past player besides Kurt Warner? It’s a lot harder than you thought it would be, isn’t it? Does that mean I won’t post about Arenabowl XXII? Of course I will, it is the biggest bowl to occur in July after all.

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