August 7, 2007

Something else to watch by the bay?

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Do to the fact that Barry Bonds is chasing some sort of record, the woeful Giants are being broadcast nationwide all too often; is there a bright spot to that besides the chase and drama that comes with Barry? You wouldn’t think so but I’ve found a reason. His name is Tim Lincecum.

While I am a baseball fan and watch it whenever I can and especially when I’m at work because, well, that’s what they pay me for, I don’t usually pay an incredible amount of attention to games involving last place teams. But while watching last night’s last-place face off between the Giants and equally sad sack Washington Nationals, the kid on the mound of for San Fran popped off the screen for me.

His wind up isn’t exactly orthodox but it’s no Dontrelle Willis. He doesn’t throw in the high 90s like a Jake Peavy. He’s one of those “stuff” guys who relies on getting their pitches in all the right places and boy does it show. Since being called up on May 6, Lincecum has tallied the most K’s by anyone in the senior circuit. He’s ahead of guys like Peavy and the Phillies’ Cole Hamels.

Still, it’s more than the numbers that impress me; it’s everything about the way he pitches, even if it was just against the Nationals last night. I will have no problem calling Tim Lincecum “my boy” from now on.

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