August 8, 2007

Tempers flare in T.O.

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The hatred for A-Rod in Toronto, which started up back in May, finally boiled over last night with Josh Towers on the hill. In case you forgot, but really how could you, we’re all constantly reminded of most things A-Rod does, Rodriguez yelled something to the affect of “mine” while passing behind Jays third baseman Howie Clark during a pop up, causing Clark to drop the ball and prolong the inning.

Well, last night, it seemed Towers had had enough of A-Rod’s antics and decided to plunk him in the leg on his first pitch of the at bat. A-Rod seemed to take exception to this and decided to walk towards the Towers mound to which Josh responded by telling A-Rod to get over to first. The benches and bullpens cleared with nothing really happening.

Just when everything seemed to settle down, A-Rod and Towers started jawing at each other again and then, of course, the teams hit the field again. Particularily in the middle of the mix was good ol’ Canadian boy Matt Stairs who looked ready to pick a fight with anybody who’d listen. After this all settled down, A-Rod went on to score from first when the next batter, Jorge Posada, doubled.

Later in the game, Roger Clemens , who had already locked up a win, retaliated his own way by drilling Alex Rios in the ribs with a fastball. Oddly, the Jays didn’t even leave the bench as Clemens and Joe Torre were ejected. Come on boys, you have to get up for something like that. Also, I was really looking forward to the chance of seeing Clemens go Nolan Ryan on someone.

**Bonds hit his 756th home run!! more later!**

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