August 13, 2007

Soccer has returned!

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

And it’s not even the shoddy North American type. That’s right; the Premiership of England launched over the weekend much to my delight. Finally, there are more options than the MLS and U-18 stuff that have been going on since Man U captured the title last spring.

Week one had one shocker I managed to witness in spite of the fact all the games are broadcast at times that aren’t really conducive for those who stay up late (work related, trust me) on weekends.

The shocker I speak of is that Reading was able to keep the defending champs at bay and hold them to a nil-nil draw; at Old Trafford no less. Even more shocking was that Wayne Rooney, everyone’s favourite English soccer hooligan, will no doubt miss some time after falling and suffering a hairline fracture in his foot. It’s looking like this season won’t be too much of a cake walk for the Red army. At least with Carlos Tevez finally coming in, the blow of losing Rooney for nearly two months won’t be as painful.

Also, I could never fail to mention the fact that my boys of Blackburn defeated Middleborough 2-1 in a come-from-behind victory to be included in the massive tie at the top of the fixtures.

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