August 17, 2007

More Madden!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Video Games

It’s hard to write about a wide variety of things when you have one thing on your mind constantly. I do plan on to do another post today but really, it’ll be a struggle because of the hold John has on me. After actually bucking down and playing a few games with my reformed Dallas Cowboys (who look hardly anything like the current version), I’ve come to notice just how much different this version is from the previous installations.

For one, there’s one thing that’s noticeable from the first kick off; it’s a lot harder to make those easy stop on the computer before the 20 yard line. Also, when you’re set to receive, the blocking is a lot better. Of course this is countered by the computer’s coverage being tougher.

There’s a lot more fumbles this year and turnovers in general. While the fumbles I can tell for certain have increased, the interceptions are a tough call considering the QBs I — well a suitable word is — raped. But this was Elisha Manning, Trent Green and Rex Grossman I faced.

The menus are still on the slow side, but I’ve realized that computers are a lot easy to trade with since I first encountered them. But for some reason, the Raiders thought it was fair to give up their first and second rounders for my first and third picks.

It’s a lot harder to pick up and play this year; especially on defense. A lot of the pre-snap of adjustments are the same as Madden 07, but some added features take some getting used to. Defense on the whole is a lot harder as well, but that’s most likely due to this year’s version being “weapon”-based, and the majority of weapons are on offense.

A new feature i especially like is the development drills, which are no longer just in the off-season. You now have the option to train your players and improve up to three of them prior to every game.

Finally, on a sad note, Pacman Jones isn’t in the game. I sort of, in a twisted way, wanted to pick him up as a free agent (he does have talent) and team him up with as many criminals as possible. For instance Tank Johnson is now starting at DT for my ‘Boys and I would consider trading for Michael Vick if he wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. His delinquent brother Marcus is also available as a free agent. Oh the trouble they could get into.

I was right on the whole though, the game is getting better and better as I play and get used to it. It is, without a doubt, ruining my life.

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