August 22, 2007

Canada vs. Russia… again

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

For anyone who realized that this so called “Super Series” is starting next week, congratulations, you’re one of few. This little match up that pits the former bitter hockey rivals is a cheap sham of a marketing ploy and it’s not working because hardly anyone is paying attention. But the fact that nobody cares might be closer related to the fact that they’re proposing playing hockey in August.

The cache of big names isn’t here either. Back in the day when these hockey super powers duelled, the best players the countries could get were on the ice. Bobby Clarke even went as far as to slash a Soviet star and his break ankle. The bad blood made the series intensely involving.

Now, it’s a bunch of juniors skating around. If anyone tried to pull a Bobby Clarke, he’d be ostracized by the media and entire hockey community. Imagine a player intentionally ruining another kid’s career for a silly “Super Series.”

This whole thing is pointless. Two countries are trying to recreate something that was a glorious memory for a lot of people. This crap is more like to put tarnish on what the legends did back in the 70s.

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