August 24, 2007

Vick: Not Guilty?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

The latest development in the Michael Vick dog-fighting case is probably the most intriguing yet. It looks like when Vick enters his guilty plea on Monday, he will not admit to killing any dogs or gambling on the fights. This brings up a whole load of questions in my mind; namely, how will this affect his status in the NFL?

The league can’t hold him responsible for something he won’t be guilty of, can they? While dog fighting is a serious charge, the most brutal part of the allegations was the killing and torturing of the dogs. By steering clear of that fact, Vick may have saved himself a year or so of suspension in the NFL.

Believe me; he’s still as toxic as a New Jersey dump to NFL teams, but at least now he shouldn’t be known as an animal killer. In my books, animal killer is a few steps below dog-fighter on the respectability scale; not say that both types won’t be burning in hell. They have their rape stands all set up for the dogs to get their just desserts.

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