September 11, 2007

Week one is in the books

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So what did we learn? Quite a bit actually; but principally, New England is the real deal. They just plain embarrassed the Jets in Jersey and walked away with a 38-14 win. I actually feel kind of bad that I put so much confidence in the Jets being able to at least win while getting 6.5 points; I was sadly mistaken. Looks like I didn’t give the Patriots their respect. Also, Ellis Hobbs ran back a kick off return of 108 yards. If I was his coach, I would ream him out for not taking a knee that deep in the end zone. That was a completely wreck-less move.

Even scoring 38 points wasn’t good enough to be the highest scoring team of the week though; Dallas came up with 45 against a now injury-decimated Giants squad that is looking like they’re in shambles and it’s only one week into the season. With Brandon Jacobs, Elisha Manning and Osi Umenyiora out of their line up, even getting to .500 this season is looking fairly unlikely, although it does bring up Ewing Theory possibilities. Sadly, Eli was actually looking like he was in control of the offense before going down with a separated shoulder. I’m looking forward to betting against their fat-as-a-lineman QB Jared Lorenzen next week.

Speaking of injuries, Bills fans (and any football fans really) witnessed a scene you always hate to see. while attempting to make a tackle on a kick off, Bills tight end Kevin Everett sustained a nasty looking neck injury and was ambulanced off the field and taken into surgery. Word is that he’ll most likely be paralyzed, but to what extent is still unknown. It’s a horrible shame to see that type of thing happen to anyone.

The Bills-Broncos game did feature an exhilarating ending that featured Jason Elam running onto the field with time dying to just nearly get the game-winning field goal off and through the uprights in time. That guy is one of the best kickers in the business.

Elsewhere, two other kickers also put game-winners through in the clutch. Sean Suisham won it in overtime for the Redskins, but really it took you guys overtime to beat the Dolphins? That’s weak. Rookie Mason Crosby won the game in front of the Lambeau faithful in an upset over Donovan McNabb’s Eagles. If this Eagles squad goes on a losing streak, how long will it take for Andy Reid to turn to Kevin Kolb?

The Rams suffered two losses on Sunday; while losing the game to the Panthers, their all-pro left tackle Orlando Pace went down and is done for the season. This will be a long season for St. Louis fans and especially Marc Bulger.

Then to wrap up the week, we were treated to two Monday nighters. Ocho Cinco scroed a touchdown and celebrated in style by donning a hall of fame style jacket while the extra point attempt was blocked. The high-powered Bengals couldn’t overcome the tenacious Ravens though who took it 27-20.

The late game featured everybody’s sleeper, the 49ers, who pulled off a late come-from-behind victory over last year’s chic-pick the Cardinals. It was only fitting that they showed up after a pre-game ceremony remembering legendary coach Bill Walsh.

All in all, after week one, my record, against the spread is 5-6-2 which I can deal with. I also noticed that I didn’t actually make picks for the Seahawks-Bucanneers or the Philly-Green Bay games and honestly, I would’ve gone 1-1 in picking those ones. So the first tally is:

Week 1: 6-7-2
Season: 6-7-2

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