September 12, 2007

Filthy spies

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It looks like the New England Patriots aren’t as worthy of praise as previously stated. As it turns out, the Patriots have been accused of spying on the New York Jets by recording their defensive signs on video. So are the Pats owed their due? Is Belichick a better coach than his former student Mangini? Does Tom Brady truly deserve that 100 awareness rating he got in this year’s Madden? Who knows; but what we do know is that commissioner Iron Fist Goodell is not looking very kindly on this alleged infraction. If he feels it’s right, the Patriots are looking at a stiff fine and losing several draft picks in the future.

Elsewhere in the NFL;

Charlie Frye didn’t just get pulled out the Browns line up on Sunday in favour of Derek Anderson; it’s a bit more permanent. Cleveland dealt Frye to the Seahawks today for an undisclosed draft pick. This means nothing really for Seattle seeing how Seneca Wallace is entrenched as their number two man behind Matt Hasselbeck, but it does mean something for a nice, young boy named Brady Quinn. With Frye gone, Quinn is one bad Anderson performance away from taking the reins of the Browns offence. And you know that a QB like Derek Anderson can’t last too long without screwing up.

In Oakland, Jamarcus Russel finally has his deal and money in order. The number one overall pick of this year’s draft sealed a six-year, $61 million US deal late Monday night and has already started practicing. Too bad he’ll more than likely lose the rookie race to number one on the depth chart with Quinn.

Finally, the best news of the day comes out of Buffalo and it’s not often you can hear that sentence. Kevin Everett, who was severely injured on Sunday and was ambulanced off the field after attempting to tackle Domenik Hixon of Denver on a kick off return. After hours of surgery and sedation, it’s now being reported that Everett has voluntary movement in his arms and legs. The doctors are optimistic that he’ll be able to walk again after rehabilitation, of course. Can you get better news than that after the report calling the injury “catastrophic” and life-threatening on Monday?

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