September 13, 2007

Convenient timing

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

With more and more players coming up in steroid talk over the past week, one of the accused has decided to duck the spotlight for a while. Troy Glaus has decided to undergo shoulder surgery that will sideline him for the remainder of the season. With the Jays effectively out of the playoff hunt, it seemed like a smart move for Glaus as well the organization to get the healing process out of the way as well as sidestep the steroid spotlight.

The other players named in this current probe into a doctor/pharmacy are the Orioles Jay Gibbons and the Cardinals Rick Ankiel, who pretty much just destroyed all the good will he accumulated from his recent comeback as a power-hitting outfielder. Ankiel, if you recall, was a stud pitching prospect for St. Louis a few years back. That was until he lost all control and command of his pitches, which never bodes well for a man on the hill. Very few people believed he could feasibly make a comeback as an outfielder and even less could’ve guessed he’d be able to hit the way he has since his call up. With 9 home runs and a .301 batting average, who wouldn’t want this guy in their line up. Now, he’s just a prime suspect for those who are on the juice.

By the way, I was completely set to write a “Wow, look at a Rick Ankiel!” post last week; now I’m posting this.

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