September 16, 2007

Week two picks plus more!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Week two picks plus more!

Before getting to some picks for the National Football League’s second week of games, that I’m sure I’ll botch somehow, comments must be made on the decision that “Iron Fist” Goodell made regarding Belichick and the spying scandal.

There is absolutely no way to spin this positively and this whole camera-gate is seriously going to hurt both the New England Patriots dynasty and Bill Belichick’s reputation as a mastermind. How could it not? I’ve already started seeing stories come across the wire that get every team’s comments on it. Everyone who could’ve possibly been wronged is pissed (predictably) but there are some people who play the “it’s part of the game” angle. My opinion? It’s damn wrong; cheating should not be part of the game. If it was alright, it wouldn’t be called cheating. I also think that the punishment is quite fair Belichick fined $500,000, the Patriots fined $250,000 and the team will give up their first round pick if they make the playoffs or their second and third round picks if they don’t). I also agree that a precedent should have been set by suspending Belichick for at least a game.

If there’s one silver lining to the whole ordeal, at least Belichick took it like a man and accepted the punishment and responsibility for the scandal. But he has given every fan of the NFL, or even sports, another reason to disrespect and hate on the Patriots.

Falcons (+10) over JAGUARS

Alright, I know that Atlanta and Joey Harrington in particular looked bad last week, but this is a Jacksonville team that got shredded by Chris Brown and the Titans. As long as Harrington doesn’t kill them, I think the Falcons can at least keep it within ten points.

STEELERS (-10) over Bills

The Bills were just plain lucky that the Broncos didn’t murder them. When your team only loses on a last-second clutch field goal after allowing close to 500 yards, you got lucky. Also, J.P. Losman is awful and the Steelers are at home.

Bengals (-7) over BROWNS

Let’s see; the Bengals just beat the Ravens by seven points last week. The Ravens are also several leaps and bounds better than the Browns. Cincy should not have a problem this week.

Packers (+1.5) over GIANTS

So the Giants are without their starting quarterback and starting running back and it is only week two? Ouch, that hurts. If the Packers can beat the Eagles, they should, in theory, be able to beat the Giants. But if Eli does start, all bets are off.

Colts (-7) over TITANS

A lot of people like the Titans after their performance against Jacksonville, but these are the Colts we’re talking about. I’ll give the points.

Texans (+6.5) over PANTHERS

Of course, there is the Steve Smith X-factor but it doesn’t look like anyone’s talked crap about him so far this week. The Texans are well on their way to becoming the frisky sleeper that everyone falls in love with. Why not try hoping on the band wagon early?

Saints (-3) over BUCS

The Saints looked over-matched against the Colts in week one, but the Bucs shouldn’t pose too much of a threat for them. I don’t see how they couldn’t have worked some things out over their long break. Also, Cadillac is questionable which means I’m actually considering whether to start Ahman
Green or DeAngelo Williams this week opposite Joseph Addai. I think my fantasy team needs help.

Niners (+3) over RAMS

Orlando Pace is out and the Niners should have a good game against the Rams defense. On the side, have you seen 49ers rookie middle linebacker Patrick Willis play? This guy looks like he’s going to be good. Really good, he’s on the fast track to becoming one of my boys. In fact, I already have him
starting for my Madden 08 franchise.

Cowboys (-3.5) versus DOLPHINS

I’m still not picking Cowboys games but I have to say that I’m fairly confident they can easily handle Trent Green’s Dolphins.

Vikings (+3) over LIONS

This year, I’m very pro Vikings and anti-Lions. I love Calvin Johnson, but I also love Adrian Peterson. I’m just not very sold on the whole Kitna being a good quarterback deal or the Lions defence being good, at all, deal.

BEARS (-12) over Chiefs

Chiefs fans can only hope that Larry Johnson gets more carries in this game and works some magic. The chances of that happening against this vaunted Bears defense (even though it’s down to starters) not bloody likely.

Jets (+10) over RAVENS

I could probably talk myself into taking the Ravens but they’re a bit too banged up to be giving ten points. With McNair, Ogden and Ray Lewis all ailing, I’m not so sure they can blow the Jets out or anything.

Seahawks (-2.5) over CARDS

This is probably the easiest game of the week to pick. I’m putting the lock on this one. And how about the Seahawks trying to work back up QB Seneca Wallace into the game as a receiver? He’s athletic enough to do it and Seattle would be able to use a lot of innovation with him out there.

BRONCOS (-9.5) over Raiders

Well, it looks like the Raiders were, well, the Raiders last week. After Jay Cutler sliced up Buffalo last week while Kitna was doing the same in Oakland, don’t you think it’s feasible the Jay could do it again? Also, how are the Raiders going to get any passing offense going when the Broncos have Champ Bailey AND Dre Bly on the field? That Tatum Bell for Bly deal this summer is fantastic for Denver.

Redskins (+7) over EAGLES

I’ve just got a hunch on this one. I have no reason or logic behind it. I just think Washington will win; some way, somehow.

PATRIOTS (-3) over Chargers

While the Chargers are damn good and showed they could handle the Bears, I can completely see the Patriots rebounding fantastically from this whole spy scandal and take this tough match up. I’m sure LDT will score at least twice on them though.

And just remember everyone; if I’m above .500 against the spread, I’m a happy man. Don’t take too much of my advice to heart. I am the same guy who actually forgot to pick games last week then credited himself with an “honour system win.”

Last Week: 6-7-2
Season: 6-7-2

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