September 17, 2007

NFL Week 2 wrap up

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Some interesting plots are coming to fruition in the NFL and week two hasn’t even finished yet. This is bodes well for the rest of the year.

For the first time in club history, the Texans have jumped out to a 2-0 record. Maybe all they really did need was a competent quarterback. Or maybe it was their head coach’s fault. Or maybe all they really needed was several consecutive years of good draft picks because they sucked so horrifically. Elsewhere, the Falcons should really be regretting giving away Matt Schaub.

I hope you took the over on this line. We all knew that crazy things can happen in the battle of Ohio, but a 51-45 shootout that featured 12 combined passing touchdowns? Holy crap that was huge. All it really does is say volumes about the Bengals defense and gives everyone a huge reason why they have no shot at the Super Bowl this year. Defense wins championships guys, time to shape up. Also, I hope you started Derek Anderson for your fantasy team this week.

The Titans were a GOOD 2-minute drive away from beating the defending Super Bowl champions. With the ball, time dying and two-point deficit, Vince Young and the Titans came up small and couldn’t get the ball into Colts territory to attempt a would-be game winning field goal. This is the second week in a row that Tennessee has looked good against divisional opponents; they may be onto something this year. So, when exactly is the Madden curse going to kick in? It can’t be long right?

Mike Shanahan’s Broncos beat his arch-rival Oakland Raiders with a classic case of crafty coaching. While Oakland lined up and thought they had kicked the game winning, overtime field goal, Shanahan called a time out from the sidelines to ice kicker Sebastian Janikowski. Well, after hitting his first attempt, which was negated by the time out call, he clanged his second try off the left upright. Denver proceeded to march down the field and eventually kick their own game-winner. It was their second in two weeks. I’m still waiting for this Denver team to break out; close games against Buffalo and Oakland aren’t inspiring confidence.

God’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, easily took care of the Miami Dolphins. Just like I said they would. Also, their defense looked a lot better this week, but then again, it’s the Dolphins and Trent Green we’re talking about.

You had to know that Belichick’s Patriots would be fired up for a Sunday night game at home against the Chargers. But even after camera-gate, I didn’t see them being THAT fired up. They completely shredded the Chargers and left them laying in ruin. This is the Patriot’s year… again.

This Week: 7-6-1
This season: 13-13-3

And there’s still Redskins / Eagles tonight.

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