September 18, 2007

Eagles punch-less

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, hate to say i told you so, but the Washington Redskins went into Philadelphia last night and prevailed with a 20-12 win. The Eagles had a chance to tie the game up with a late fourth quarter drive, but Donovan McNabb came up small; his team was stopped in the ‘Skins red zone. To make matters worse, on the third down play, he badly over threw his receiver on an out-pattern that would have netted Philly a first down on about the two-yard line.

Next to the Saints, the Eagles have to be one of those teams destined for a feature within the next week or two titled, “What’s wrong with the (insert team name here).” It will be complete with a picture of either Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid with a dejected look on their face.

How many weeks should we set the over/under for Kevin Kolb’s name been chanted by Philly fans. If McNabb can’t bring wins to the City of Brotherly Love, his future there is doomed.

This Week: 8-6-1
This Season: 14-13-3

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