September 19, 2007

NFL signings

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

In a move that I had already done in Madden to bolster my defensive line, the Cowboys signed suspended DT Tank Johnson. While Johnson is being forced to sit the first eight weeks of the season, he will be a welcome fill in for Dallas starter Jason Ferguson who is out for the season with a torn right biceps. Surprisingly, the deal is worth only $255,000 US, which is the pro-rated value of a league minimum deal. Johnson played very well when with the Bears and with this contract he seems like he’s just out to prove he can play and not bring dram (read: guns) to the locker-room.

The Atlanta Falcons showed how much confidence they have in Joey Harrington yesterday by signing Jacksonville cast-off Byron Leftwich. Harrington has played like, well, Joey Harrington in his first two games with Atlanta and has seemingly lost his chance to guide this club. Leftwich signed on for a two-year tour that will earn him $7 million. Byron not only has to prove to the Falcons fans and the organization that he can play, but he also has to prove to the rest of the league after being cut in favour of David Garrard. He could also be a good fantasy pick up considering he’ll be part of a vaunted Bobby Petrino offense. But how long before he’s starting?

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