September 20, 2007

A few quick thoughts

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Soccer

Honestly, I’ve been busy preparing an NBA training camp preview for the paper I work for so today’s post is just a few quick hits. But never you worry, tomorrow should be the NFL picks for week three.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has left the team after a disappointingly average start. Mourinho had been butting heads with team owner / alleged Russian mob boss Roman Abramovich. Should Mourinho wind up dead in an alley sometime soon, we may be able to remove that “alleged” for Abramovich’s title.

My boys, Blackburn have gotten off to a great start and are one of three teams that are yet to lose a game in the premiership. The other two are Arsenal and Liverpool, which are two of the “big four” in England. It’s not like the Rovers have had an easy schedule either, they’ve recently tied Chelsea 0-0 and defeated Manchester City, who are currently second in the standings.

The new jerseys in the NHL look awful. Just when I was running out of reasons to dislike this shoddily run league, they allow teams to roll out uniforms that are fit for practices at best. Toronto’s jerseys look especially pajama-like; all because they removed the two white strips at the bottom of their shirts. Vancouver and Dallas have both put their city names in bland writing on the fronts of the jerseys which looks straight-up awful as well. This is a great start for the NHL’s 2007-08 season.

Can the Yankees catch the Red Sox for the AL East division title? Honestly, I don’t care. Both teams are pretty much in the playoffs as the east winner while second place takes the wild card. Detroit has looked awful against Cleveland this series and don’t deserve to make the post-season.

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