September 25, 2007

What’s wrong with the Saints?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Even more importantly, is Reggie Bush, the man who was supposed to be the savoir of New Orleans and the next great running-back, a bust? He’s not showing what he’s supposed to be able to do so far. Is it out of the realm of possibility that a player that everyone fell in love with could actually suck? This is a running-back that refuses to run between the tackles, a talent you absolutely need if you want to be a primary running-back. Bush is going to have to toughen up if he wants to show the critics what he can do and now, with Deuce McAllister reportedly on the shelf, he’ll have the chance and he better not blow it. McAllister is, according to ESPN sources, out for the season with a torn ACL.

Bush and the running game isn’t the only wrong in New Orleans. Drew Brees looked awful in last night’s loss to the Titans. When Keith Bullock, a linebacker who is slightly above average at best, picks you off three times, a few Rex Grossman comparisons may be in order. It’s not all Brees’ fault; the Saints wide receivers just aren’t getting open for Brees to hit them. Also, nobody is surprised, or going to be surprised, with the Saints unique looks on offense. Their packages have all been dissected now that teams have a year’s worth of tape on them.

As for the defense, they’re just not making enough stops. They weren’t that good last year and this year they look a bit worse; but at least last year, the offense was running great and keeping the Saints in the game.

Finally, an interesting point was brought up in last night’s broadcast: not only has no team repeated in the NFC south over the last for years, but the last place team for the year before has jumped for worst to first. Looks like the Saints are doomed and we should all start putting our money on the Buccaneers.

Week 3: 4-8-3
Season: 18-21-6

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