September 28, 2007


by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

On’s latest layout of their front page, they a Fan Favourites box in the lower right corner with a Featured Comment displayed prominently. This comment is usually about the top story of the day or last 12 hours and is typically insightful, opinionative or funny. Late last night, I stumbled upon this beauty: “I think staying loose is the key for the Phils now. This have been a great MLB season. And it only looks to be getting better.” Posted by metscrazy10.

There are two things principally wrong with this statement that goes beyond logic. Firstly, the atrocious grammar of “This have been” makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Anybody with the slightest grasp of the English language should realize how egregious that string of words is.

Secondly, why is someone who is presumably crazy for the Mets encouraging the Phillies? The Phils just pulled into a first place tie with the Mets and could very easily bounce them from the playoffs. This person’s team is possibly on the verge of missing the post season and now a fan of theirs is openly rooting for their heated rival.

Also, has anyone noticed the symmetry of the Colorado Rockies and Colorado Avalanche teams? The Avs had an amazing streak down the home stretch, including a massive win streak or two, only to fall short of a playoff berth in the season’s dying days. Now their baseball counterparts are putting together a similar run. Here’s crossing my fingers that the Rockies can make it but, with their final series against division leader Arizona; they have a really tough path ahead of them.

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