September 29, 2007

Dan’s unrevised Week 4 picks!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

NFL Week 4 picks.

Well, to say I could’ve done better with my picks last week would be an understatement. I’m a little disappointed in myself but when you consider that those three ties could potentially have gone my way, I could be at 7-8 which is considerably better than 4-8-3. Well, I’m crossing my fingers this week that I won’t be back in the gutter.

Also, I didn’t really check through these twice. I would say that it’s not to overthink some lines, but in honesty, it’s because I’m lazy and it’s been a long night.

Jets (-3.5) over BILLS

Here’s to hoping the Bills go 0-16! And since when have you ever heard a team lost their starting quarterback, are going with a rookie from Stanford who was picked in the third round this year and have been creamed the past two weeks, then felt better about a team? The Bills are looking kind of hopeless right now.

DOLPHINS (-4) over Raiders

This will be the worst game of the week. Without a doubt. TV ratings on this one will be so incredibly bad that the NHL’s game in London may top this game in the States. That’s bad. Do you know what else is going to be bad? The Raiders after they get worn down by the Miami heat while wearing those black uniforms in the sun. Also, Daunte Culpepper will remind Miami fans why the gave the keys to Cleo Lemon last year and Trent Green this season.

Ravens (-4.5) over BROWNS

You think that Derek Anderson can pick about this Ravens defense, albeit not as good as previous incarnations, like he did to the Bengals D? Yeah right. At least Jamal Lewis will have some motivation in this game, it’s just too bad that the Ravens know what he’s capable of and he doesn’t have a solid line in front of him.

Texans (-2.5) over FALCONS

Matt Schaub will exact his revenge on the Falcons, even without Andre Johnson. Falcons fans will boo Joey Harrington. I can’t be wrong on that two weeks in a row, can I?

LIONS (+3) over Bears

The Bears defense, especially their secondary, has been torn apart by injuries. Their two starting corners and one starting safety won’t be playing this week. Rex Grossman won’t be playing but that’s a good thing for Chicago. Brian Griese isn’t that good, but he’s a breath of fresh compared to Sexy Rexy.

VIKINGS (+2) over Packers

Because I like the colour purple and not Brett Favre.

COWBOYS (-13) versus Rams

In Madden, I obviously play with God’s team and for some reason, no matter what the circumstances are, I can always kill the Rams. Think utterly demoralizing blow outs. In Madden 07, I played the Rams in the NFC finals and jacked them 55-0. I had 28 points in the first quarter. These are things that don’t matter, but I feel I should tell people.

Bucs (+3) over PANTHERS

Unless someone talks trash to Steve Smith. That would be the absolute only thing that can save Carolina from David Carr’s white gloves of justice. If Delhomme does play. I don’t think he’ll be able to throw well enough to get the ball down-field to Smith.

NINERS (+2) over Seahawks

The Niners beat Seattle twice last year when Seattle had a better team than their current one and San Francisco had a worse one. Also, I’m getting points for a home team.

Steelers (-6) over CARDINALS

I really like this Steelers team. I think they’re top 4 in the league, but that’s kind of easy to say while looking around the league but whatever. The Cardinals have been killing me by covering every week but the Steelers are just too good to not win by a touchdown. Even if Arizona’s coach was on Pittsburgh last year.

CHARGERS (-12) over Chiefs

This is the Chargers’ break out week. I mean, it has to be, right?

COLTS (-9.5) over Broncos

Peyton Manning has always had Denver’s number. Even if the Broncos do have the best CB tandem in the league with Bailey and Bly,

GIANTS (+3) over Eagles

I would’ve loved to have told my story of being actually disappointed the Redskins lost to the Giants last week but those jerks are on a bye. This is a big “Prove It” game for Philly who really has to show that last week wasn’t a fluke and a product of Detroit’s defense more than their offense. Will they? I think they’ll be average which may not be enough against a surprising Giants squad.

Patriots (-7.5) over BENGALS

If the Patriots don’t win by 14 I’d be surprised. The Bengals have a great offense but they won’t outscore this power-house Patriots team. Oh, and take the over if you’re betting. This game should get into the 60s.

Season: 18-21-6

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