October 1, 2007

Reversal of fortune.

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It’s the same type of thing that sports fans in Philadelphia have endured over and over again for years, now they’re on the opposite end. Yesterday, the New York Mets completed the biggest September collapse in Major League history. Even worse, it was with Tom Glavine, a man who has won over 300 games in his career, on the hill. He was chased before the Marlins took the field on defense.

You could nearly see it coming, a traditional Philly collapse. Fans of any Philadelphia-based franchise have taken their lumps over the past decade or so. From the Eagles inability to get to the Super Bowl, then choking away the one they made, to the Phillies getting beat by the Blue Jays in ‘93 and their recent woes. The Flyers were at the cellar of the NHL last year and the Sixers dealt away their franchise superstar. It’s been rough for Philly fans, they deserve this, even though they’ll lose in the first round to either San Diego or Colorado.

The Mets had a seven game lead on September 12. That’s right. Within a few weeks, they blew a seven game lead and their shot at the post-season. What a choke job from a very talented group of players.

But Way to choke guys. Way. To. Choke. How sad is it that you’re making Philly fans less depressed?

Speaking of depressed Philly fans, more on the NFL and the lowly Eagles later.

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