October 2, 2007

And then there were three.

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

After week four, only four teams managed to remain unbeaten: The Colts, the Patriots, the Packers and God’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. Of these teams, I’m still finding it hard to believe the Packers are still involved in this, but then again, they haven’t faced any real competition yet. Sure, they faced the Eagles in week one, but now we know they suck. They faced the Giants but who’re now looking like an on-again, off-again team that is destined for an 8-8 record. Turns out the Chargers suck and Minnesota couldn’t handle them either. If they keep this up, the Packers may be welcoming Favre back for another year.

As for my week four thoughts:

Of course the Patriots won against an awful Bengals defense; nobody should be surprised by that. Also, I noticed on Brady’s first touchdown pass to Moss that it’s not just Brady that’s playing out of his mind. The pass he threw, Moss had to jump for and go over a defender, who didn’t leave his feet. The pass whizzed by the defender and nearly hit his arm while Moss scooped it up. If Brady tried that against anyone besides the Bengals, it would have been an interception.

The Eagles offensive line stinks. The Giants record for most sacks by a team for a game (12) is more of a product of the Eagles severely weak O-line than the Giants pass rush, even thought the Giants pass rush is above average.

After losing both Luke Petitgout and Cadillac Williams, the Bucs surprising run may be coming to an end. Both players are done for the season after knee surgeries. Now I seriously need to find a second fantasy RB.

Favre broke the passing touchdown record early in their win against Minnesota. But we already knew this would happen.

The Chargers absolutely stink and Coach Norv Turner should be fired immediately. There shouldn’t be any arguments after that embarrassing loss to the Chiefs.

Trent Edwards of the Bills won his first NFL start against the Bills. He looked really good, I must say, but we’ve been watching J.P. Losman run this offense for a bit too long. The win may have also been a product of Chad Pennington’s late interceptions as well, but I really don’t want to take too much credit away from the kid.

So, I was right about the Cardinals. I knew they’d cover (even if my pick didn’t reflect that), but I think they surprised a lot of people by beating the Steelers.

Finally, the 49ers are going to be in trouble for 4-to-6 weeks because that’s how long Alex Smith is out. Also, missing Vernon Davis is going to hurt for at least another week. Trent Dilfer now has the keys to the offense which I’m not really sure I can get excited for.

And, again, I got slaughtered with my picks. I’m going to have to step up my game to get back to .500.

Week 4: 5-8
Season: 23-29-6

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