October 5, 2007

Snap MLB Playoff judgements

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

After two days of watching playoff baseball, I’ve managed to come to some conclusions that have little to now backing.

—I’m still waiting for one of those super-exciting, down to the wire games that make legends out of normal players. Or a game with an emotional charged walk off shot. Or a spectacular pitcher’s duel. Or even a late inning meltdown. I know it’s still early and only two days in, but the Colorado-San Diego play-in game really got my hopes up.

— At this rate, Joe “the bum” Borowski won’t have a chance to blow it for Cleveland.

— There is no hope of the Yankees and Red Sox meeting in the second round. Boston look fully on their way after shutting down the Angels on Wednesday night but the Yanks lost horrendously last night. Set your TiVos for Cleveland’s incredible hitting vs. Boston’s pitching in a bit more than a week.

— The MLB has no business scheduling a playoff game for 10 p.m. Who on the east coast wants to stay up until 1 a.m. watching the Cubs and Diamondbacks plod boringly to a 4-2 result? If Brandon Webb did pitch a gem, I wouldn’t be watching to see it. If Lou Piniella pulled Carlos Zambrano too early, I wouldn’t know until I read about the next day. What was so wrong with playing a three-team slate at a 2-5-8 staggering? The ratings would increase dramatically if they planned it that way.

— Colorado’s end of the season, incredible hot streak has continued into the playoffs. Winning the first two games of their series, in Philly no less, is huge in any playoff series and even bigger when it’s a best of 5. One more win then they get the luxury or resting before facing the D-Backs-Cubs winner.

Well, October has just begun. Let’s give it another day or two to see if these snap judgements have any true foundation.

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