October 10, 2007

Setting up the game of the season

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I may have some bias with this opinion but Sunday’s tilt between the Cowboys and the Patriots should be an instant classic. Dallas may have just barely pulled out that incredible win against the Bills but they should play a lot better next week. In fact, the only real glaring weak spot for the ‘boys was Tony Romo’s piss-poor performance. There’s no excuse to throw 5 picks in a game. Ever. Especially against an injury weakened secondary like Buffalo’s. Let’s hope he gets his head on straight and puts up a decent performance like we’re accustomed to.

Elsewhere in the NFL,

It was a bad week for starting QBs with Trent Green and Matt Leinart both hitting the shelf. The Green injury was especially bad and may even be career ending. On a broken play against the Texans, Green tried to throw a block on huge defensive tackle Travis Johnson; this try ended with Johnson’s knee connecting with Green’s helmet, knocking him out and giving him a grade 3 concussion — the worst possible type. Johnson even went as far as to taunt the unconscious Green on the field and then talk smack about him to reporters after the game. It was simply classless.

Leinart is going to be out for the season after getting nailed and breaking his collarbone. We’re not talking a hairline fracture either; reports say it’s completely cracked all the way through. You might want to go and pick up Kurt Warner for your fantasy.

The Chargers finally got their game on with a huge 41-3 win over the Broncos. I’m starting to be in disbelief I actually took the Broncos to win it all. They’re not impressing.

New England and Indianapolis both won but did you really think they had a chance of losing to the Browns and Buccaneers respectively?

Byron Leftwich got some play against the Titans but showed he may not, in fact, be the solution to the Joey-Harrington-is-their-quarterback problem.

As for the Monday night game, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Being at the game and watching the game first-hand made it exponentially better. And how about the fact the Bills have lost two games this season in which the only time they didn’t lead was the last second of the game? At least Trent Edwards looked fairly good for the Bills, even if he was only throwing short passes and not taking any shots. I’ll have more on that epic Monday nighter later when I can properly grasp the appropriate words to describe that intense experience.

This week: 3-10
This season: 26-39-6

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