October 15, 2007

A minor victory

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, the better team walked out of Texas Stadium with a win. Dallas can take away the fact that they were the first team to have a lead over the Patriots in the second so far this season, but a victory would’ve been a ton sweeter. Tony Romo bounced back significantly from his performance in Buffalo, but then again, it would’ve been impossible to do worse and still have a job. I did notice two things about Dallas that either I haven’t noticed that much before or just didn’t notice at all because they had been playing inferior teams to New England.

Firstly, Marion Barber throws out stiff arms like he wants to cripple someone. I don’t think it’s unlikely someone’s head may fall off if Marion wanted it to happen. Secondly, the Cowboys’ pass rush is among, if not the, best in the league. The Patriots touted line did a good job blocking for Brady but Dallas was able to pressure him enough to make him throw some errant passes.

Also, with a coach like Belichick and a player like Brady who both command respect, how unsportsmanlike is it that they refuse to down the ball or even just do simple up-the-gut runs to kill the clock when their opponents are down and have no time outs? I think it’s fine in college where you have to run up the score against poor teams to impress voters, but in the NFL, come on. If I was up against New England and they tried that sort of thing, I’d send out someone to dive at Brady’s knees. If Belichick can’t get suspended for blatantly cheating, what chance would they have suspending me in that situation? You have no respect for my team? I have no respect for yours. Good luck winning without Tom.

It may have been against the potentially 0-16 Dolphins, but how about Cleveland’s offense? I thought Cincinnati was supposed to be the team with the dominant offense from Ohio. Speaking of Cincy, losing to the Chiefs isn’t going to help their reputation. Quite frankly, I’d like them to start winning if only to see some Ocho Cinco touchdown dances.

St. Louis kept pace in the race with Miami to 0-16 by getting shut down by the Ravens 22-3. It’s going to be a close finish but at least Miami will be able to get a QB like Colt Brennan or whoever and the Rams can get anyone who knows how to play defense or block in the draft.

Tomlinson’s Chargers may, in fact, be back on the right track. Or the Raiders are just back on their same old track. LDT ran for nearly 200 yards and scored four times. Many may forget because of his overall total for last season, but the majority of those touchdowns came in a string of 10 games. Everyone who drafted LDT shouldn’t be too worried about that poor opening stretch he had.

How about that Adrian Peterson? No, not the one that ran twice, gaining 11 yards for Chicago; the one on the Vikings who ran for 224 yards and scored three touchdowns on only 20 attempts. Best rushing game for a rookie ever? I think so.

Two QBs who were signed mid-week were forced into action this week in the same game. The ancient one, Vinny Testaverde led the Panthers to a win over Tim Rattay’s Cardinals. Vinny actually started for the Panthers instead of the injured tandem of Jake Delhomme (on the IR) and David Carr (sore back, white gloves). Rattay on the other hand, was forced into action when Kurt Warner went down with a sprained left (non-throwing) elbow. Maybe I’m fantasy cursed, Warner, my latest QB has followed Marc Bulger (ribs, awfulness) and Alex Smith (back, awfulness) to the sidelines. I should trade everything I have for Brady just to see him get hurt.

It’s not quite what you’d expect from the Madden Curse but Vince Young was sidelined with a leg injury yesterday in the Titans loss to the Buccaneers. He was able to jog to locker room but sat out the fourth quarter. Come on John, that’s the best your curse can do? Step it up a notch.

The Saints offense was able to catch fire and actually look like a shade of its’ 2006 self last night in Seattle. Drew Brees threw his first three TDS of the season and Reggie Bush looked like the player he’s supposed to be. The Seahawks on the other hand are looking worse every game. Hasselbeck and Alexander just aren’t the players they used to be.

This Week: 3-6-2
This Season: 29-44-8

I’m really losing hold of this season.

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