October 21, 2007

Week Seven Picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well, I’ve been running a bit late and busy so these picks may not be as solid as usual but, given my record on the season, it may be what I need.

Vikings (+9.5) at COWBOYS

How about that Adrian Peterson? I liked him in college, I like him now, but I still think a lot of his success this year has to do with that outstanding line blocking for him. This is a potential trap game for Dallas, coming off the loss to New England and going into a bye week. I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.

BILLS (+3) over Ravens

Trent Edwards should be the new face of the Bills. If they ever go back to Losman, they’re dumbasses. They should’ve tried to deal him before the deadline expired. But then again, who would want him?

Bucs (+2) over LIONS

Sure, these Lions can pass the hell out of the ball, but can they do anything else really? Even with the Bucs heavily depleted back field I think they can win.

Patriots (-16.5) over DOLPHINS

This Patriots team is disgustingly good and this Dolphins team is disgustingly bad. It’s well known that the Pats have always had trouble in Miami, but this is a lot better of a New England team than they’ve ever had.

GIANTS (-9) over 49ers

Do you think the Giants are looking forward to playing in England next week? I really don’t think anyone would. Anyways, the Niners are not impressing anyone like everyone predicted they would.

REDSKINS (+9) over Cardinals

Tim Rattay or Tim Hasselbeck at QB for the Cardinals? This has Ewing Theory written all over it but those guys are really bad.

TEXANS (+1) over Titans

Vince Young will be fighting through his leg problem. It doesn’t bode well for the Tennessee offense.

BENGALS over (-6) Jets

I can really see the Bengals breaking out against the Jets this week. Would you actually be surprised if they dropped 35 points on them? I wouldn’t. Then I also wouldn’t be surprised when they fall apart against whoever they play next week.

Chiefs (+3) over RAIDERS

Even though they’re on the road, I can see the Chiefs continue on their roll. It might be because of the good karma from Priest Holmes’ comebacks.

SEAHAWKS (-8) over Rams

The ‘hawks at home are always a good pick in my mind, even if they look poor this season. Bulger may be back for St. Louis but don’t expect too good of a performance.

Bears (+5) over EAGLES

So the Eagles blow out the Lions a few weeks back and everyone thinks they’re still great? I know the Bears aren’t very good but I feel better taking the points in this lacklustre match up.

Steelers (-3.5) over BRONCOS

Oh how the Broncos have fallen. This line should be a bit higher but I’m not going to complain.

Colts (-3) over JAGUARS

This will be the game of the week. The Jags traditionally give the Colts trouble, especially in Jacksonville, but with Addai back in the line up and coming off a bye, the Colts should pull this one out.

Last Week: 3-6-2
This Season: 30-44-8

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