October 23, 2007

Rox-Sox series set.

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Well, you could sense it after Boston won game five that their series with the Indians was going their way. Cleveland were dead men walking after their ace Sabathia lost to Beckett’s wizardry. Even Daisuke didn’t pitch as awfully as everyone expected him to. There wasn’t even a hope that the Indians could beat Boston at Fenway.

So the table is set for a Rox-Sox World Series. So there’s Team A. A team that despite a week off that was full of massive press coverage and daily stories still is unrecognizable to the masses. Then there’s Team B; a team with a payroll over a hundred million dollars and one of the most annoying fan bases in sports history.

This series will come down to small market values versus big market money. A team that could afford to spent fifty million dollars to just talk to a player about a contract versus a team whose entire payroll is around that number. A team that has two of the biggest name sluggers in baseball versus a team that has an MVP candidate you’ve never heard of.

I sincerely hope, for the sake of all of baseball, the Rockies win the World Series; if only just to prove that you don’t have to spend money and have name players to win it all. To prove that small market teams like Colorado have the ability to beat the best. And most of all, to give Ubaldo Jimenez as many World Series rings as David Ortiz.

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