October 25, 2007

Sox rock Rox

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Wow, what an ugly beating that was. 13-1. You could tell it was over after Pedroia hit a home run to lead off Boston’s first. And the Rockies never had a shot with Beckett on the hill. Let’s hope that Colorado can at least make this Series interesting for the sake of good television.

It appears that the time off did have a negative effect on the Rockies who didn’t look very “in the game.” Their starter Jeff Francis looked rattled from the get go. Their supposedly superb bull pen gave up three walks in a row at one point.

And let’s just hope for some good weather for the rest of Series. Would that be too much to ask for? Or if there is inclement weather, at least make it more interesting with some hail or snow. Now that would be interesting. And yes, I do realize that no one can actually control the weather… yet.

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