October 26, 2007

Sox best Rox in close one.

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Teams up 2-0 in the World Series have gone on to win 39 of the last 50 match ups. That’s what’s up against the Colorado Rockies when the series resumes Saturday night in Denver. But who, outside of people that actually knew who Ubaldo Jimenez was before the playoffs, thought this youngster would look good against this stacked Boston club? I certainly didn’t. If you had told me the scores of games one and two along with the starters, I would’ve thought for sure Jimenez was in for the 13-1 drubbing.

Even though the Rockies lost to the evil Red Sox, at least the game was close and exciting, much the opposite of game one. And seriously, how does Matt Holliday get picked off? Are you serious? Colorado is not getting any breaks in this one. And did anyone else think the umpire’s strike zone was huge? He was calling strikes above chest-high and below the knees. Somebody must’ve want to get out of the cold.

Curt Schilling may also have started his last game at Fenway for the Sox; at least if he retired he would have more time to bash people in his blog. He could also pull a Clemens and come back mid-season for a huge pro-rated contracted.

So with the Series shifting to the National League park, Boston faces a bit of a line up dilemma. How can they keep David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell in the line up at once? Ortiz, bad knee and all, is one of the Sox best bats and could conceivably play first base adequately but that puts Youk out, who has been having an amazing postseason. Now Youk can play third, but that puts Lowell, another good hitter on the bench. What I would do is play Ortiz at first, Youk at third and possibly try Lowell in right field during practice and judge if he could play there.

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