October 30, 2007

Favre keeps on surprising.

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Who would have ever put the Green Bay Packers at 6-1 so far this season? A team with the worst rushing game in the season won again last night, in Denver, on Monday night football. And they did it in dramatic fashion as well.

After the Broncos drove down the field with less than a minute to play and kicked a short field goal to force overtime, the Packers won the toss and got the ball first. Then, on their first play from scrimmage, the legendary Brett Favre unleashed a deep ball that landed perfectly in the hands of Greg Jennings. Jennings took the ball the rest of the way to seal a 19-13 victory. It was vintage Favre if I ever saw it.

Elsewhere in week eight action, the Patriots and Colts did their parts to make sure that this Sunday’s match up will be record setting. This is the latest in any season that two undefeated teams have faced each other. The Colts routed the Vinny Testaverde/David Carr-lead Panthers to improve to 7-0 while the Patriots defeated the Redskins in humiliating fashion, 52-7.

I did learn one thing this weekend about the Patriots that actually made me feel a little good. They are now my most hated team in sports; with their cockiness, their reckless disregard for the rules of the game and their despicable shows of sportsmanship (or lack thereof), who could like this team? Because these reasons, they have officially over-passed the Red Sox for my highest mantle of hatred. In fact, I didn’t really have any quarrels about the Red Sox winning the World Series on Sunday night, mainly because I was too pissed off about the Patriots blatant displays of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Also, the Chargers took their emotions over the wild fire tragedies out on the Texans with a 35-10 win.

The Bills, backed by J.P. Losman, took out the Jets 13-3. Who would’ve thought the Jets would be this bad? Certainly not me, I had them to be second in this division, but then again, 5 wins might get you that title. Maybe with Kellen Clemens starting at QB next week they’ll do better.

I must’ve been a sleep for a while because I had no idea that the Lions are now 5-2. I would’ve guessed 3-4 or 4-3 tops. Not 5-2 ever. Matt Millen can breathe a sigh of relief that no one will be questioning his decisions now.

Did they not realize that the grass they played on in London wouldn’t hold up to the grind of an NFL battle? The pitch at Wembley was torn apart during the Dolphins-Giants match up and hardly anyone played well because of it. Also, Eli Manning threw for only 59 yards but still won. This Dolphins team may be one of the worst teams ever.

Speaking of 0-8 teams, the Rams kept pace with the ‘fins by losing to the Browns 27-20. This was the Browns (4-3) first win on the road, which actually surprises me. The whole fact that they’re above .500 surprises me as well. This is the Browns we’re talking about here.

As for my picks, I was above .500 again but not by much.

This week: 7-6
This season: 46-53-8

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